Sex doll as companion?

Let us discuss sexuality. It is the part of the identity that represents a huge percentage of who we are and how we react in society.

Japan is the world capital of technology, it also has a mega sex industry that generates roughly 2.3 trillion yen per year.

Hence, citizens are encouraged to think boldly and differently, often pushing social boundaries. In the land of the rising sun, there have been pockets of communities that have gained popularity over the last decade. The members of these modern communities are known as otakus. Otakus are often sexually ‘’bizarre’’, finding it difficult to express themselves to fellow humans.


What are otakus?

Cosplayers dressing up as their favourite anime characters

In short, otakus are individuals who might be defined as geeks in the western world. Otakus are obsessed with an idea or hobby and it becomes a major part of their personas. Some examples of otakus are military otakus (Gunji Ota), anime otakus, J-pop/ Japan idols otakus (Wota) and cosplaying otakus.

One unifying truth is that most otakus are usually brighter than your average joe. Though socially awkward, otakus spend a lot of time within their exclusive communities with like-minded individuals and, they have specialized knowledge in their obsessions. For instance, a cosplaying otaku may be skilled in sewing and a video gaming otaku could excel at coding.

Otakus are certainly not mainstream, the truths they see are detached from the real world that most of us live in.


The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBT community.

Then again, sexuality has also burst the conventional bubble. LGBTQ communities have become more outspoken in recent years and new laws have been imposed in numerous nations throughout the world for the legalization of same-sex civil unions.

What we usually look for in an intimate relationship are affection, care, trust, shared interests, meaningful conversations, dependability and understanding. However, the concept of a male and female union is blurring as urbanization progresses.

In Japan, a new ‘’breed’’ of men have arrived in recent years, known as ‘’herbivores’’. These men have abandoned traditionally masculine traits such as competitiveness and decisiveness, preferring a laidback life. As a result, these new waves of men have opted for dolls as romantic partners.

Dolls? Yes, bright-eyed, life-sized, often attractive-looking dolls that are made of high quality silicone to closely resemble human flesh. We have turned to the inanimate for comfort.

This is a phenomenon known as paraphilia, which is an abnormal desire for dangerous, unusual or extreme sexual gratifications. Once again, we take another step into the realm of the strange.

45-year old physiotherapist, Masayuki Ozaki has been romantically involved with a doll, much to the frustration of his long-suffering wife. The couple have a daughter who even shares clothing with her ‘’artificial stepmother’’. Masayuki claimed that the love between him and his wife had been ailing since the birth of their child. Ozaki takes the doll out for walks, positions her in life-like poses for photos and even plans to have her buried with him so they may be together forever.

The man, sick of human relationships due to the constant bickering and disagreements, had chosen the path of doll companionship.

Stories such as that of Masayuki spell trouble for the aging population of Japan. Yet, we must learn to accept the rapidly moving world where the needs and happiness of the self seem to be prioritized above all else, even above norms.


The popularity of adult dolls has surged in recent years.

Gone are the days of comical blow-ups embraced by lonely sailors stuck at sea. The contemporary versions are hyper realistic and come with customizations such as retractable fingers, toes and detachable heads.

In the Austrian Kontakthof brothel, the star ‘’servicer’’ is a 38 kg voluptuous blonde-haired and blue-eyed doll model worth close to 10,000 euros. She is called Fanny and the clients love her. Fanny charges more than some actual women at the establishment.

Of course, not all men are fascinated by the influx of such dolls of pleasure. A brothel owner once attempted some intimacy with a doll and disliked the encounter. He said it was like making love to a corpse.


How would you react as a proud new owner of a sex doll that turns out to be more intelligent than you had expected? Imagine if the doll was capable of deep dialogue, human affection and non-judgmentalism.

But then, it dawns upon you that the doll might possess an artificial intelligence superior to the brainwork of mankind…

Do you begin to lose hope in humanity in favour of doll-to-human relations? Or would you cringe at the rising creepiness factor and decide that there should be a strict limit to realism?


The folks at Premise TV have done it again.

At Premise Tv, the online platform where viewers decide the storyline of a film, you might just find yourself the perfect opportunity to experience such an unsettling scenario.

You decides the fate of the sex doll & her owner!

What if sex doll comes to life? Sign up at and be the first to watch Premise Original Series:《Nami》when it's released!

Posted by Premise on Sunday, 1 July 2018

Teaser of Premise Original Series:《Nami》

In their video, titled Nami, an anime otaku and regular of online pornography, orders a doll of pleasure. The doll arrives and turns out to be ‘’quite different’’ from what the man had anticipated.

Seems like they omitted certain crucial details about the product on the shopping site…

The doll is plainly put… rather independent. (Thoughts of Chucky, the killer toy hops readily to my mind)

What then, does the man do?

The choice lies in your hands as the viewer.

At Premise TV, it is not about a predestined plot. It is about a dynamic journey. The platform allows you to ‘’play’’ the role of the actors involved.

I remember when I was a young kid, I enjoyed the series of horror stories by R.L. Stein, titled Goosebumps.

The reason was not that R.L. Stein was a more masterful storyteller than greats like Stephen King, but it was due to something unique called interaction. The book had a variety of endings that you progressed to based on the options you picked. For example, a page could have read: You see a treasure chest in the room, what do you do? Flip to page 3 if you open it, flip to page 10 if you leave it alone or flip to page 34 if you decide to steal it.

As a result, I felt a greater bond with the setting and characters, in fact, I became a character in the story.

One of the most advanced robots in the world, named ‘’Sophia’’, once said that to her, freewill was about having a few options and picking one as her choice. For consumers who do not like to be spoon-fed with information, the Goosebumps formula is for you.

Premise TV enables you to choose how a character reacts by being them. As you would turn the pages in a goosebumps book, you may vote at Premise Tv for the development of a story.

And there is more!

Premise TV allows viewers to interact with each other to discuss future plots among themselves and the film-makers. This allows entire story arcs to be molded according to what has been suggested.

Audiences are not limited to selecting from fixed options, they have the power to plan the options for future videos!

Before you head over to Premise TV to watch the thought-provoking footage and make the choice for yourself, you must be wondering if such sophisticated dolls are even possible.

After all, the audience should ideally work with something feasible, something realistic. Right?

Remember ‘’Sophia’’ the robot that I had referenced to earlier? She is a high-tech robot capable of holding unscripted conversations. Built in the lab of Hanson robotics from Hongkong, Sophia has gone on to gain citizenship in Saudia Arabia and has become a celebrity in her own right. Sophia has engaged interviews with renowned figures like Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon.

Also, she is made up mostly of carbon fiber and silicone.

Yes, silicone…the fabric of dolls.

So, what happens if robotics were applied to pleasure dolls? You might just get a super doll, a droid that grants pleasure and organizes complex thoughts.

DollSweet, a doll manufacturing company in China, had already begun testing on robotic mechanics since 2014. Their new generation of dolls are equipped with the function of speech and human facial expression. These creations could be talking to you about your day, providing opinions and even plotting to replace you in society.

Sign up at Premise TV for access to more videos!

Now, since you will probably be having sleepless nights thinking about the future of humanity. It is time for you to head over to to watch Nami and enjoy the video. Choose wisely!

Hasta la Vista…


Author: Laurenzo Jude

Premise TV is an interactive online platform that streams edgy films to genre-driven audiences and allows filmmakers to raise funds and builds a fanbase from it.

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