How can Premise TV helps filmmakers?

Do you have a project that you dare not pitch?


Or a project frowned upon by the censorship authorities?


We want to help you raise funds and build an audience for it.

Fresh & Edgy films are usually unable to obtain funding from the staple channels in their respective markets due to possible “controversial” contents. Premise TV is working to bridge this gap so that your film could be The Next Big Hit!


Premise TV is founded by Ray Pang, a Singaporean filmmaker. Having directed numerous commercials in addition to writing/producing his own films, he understands the hardship that goes behind the scenes, such as budding heads with the clients/EP/studios for creative control, or convincing financial institutions and organizations to invest in your project without prejudice. It is also very challenging to do what you love while getting paid reasonably.


Some common obstacles in realising a film project are:

  1. Raising funds
  2. Garnering audience attention and following
  3. Lack of marketing and data-collection tools to build your career

The problem exacerbates if the film project involves content that is deemed as “non-mainstream” by the investors. The lack of funding eventually discourages the creation of fresh innovative content. Furthermore, the internet lacks a community connecting talented filmmakers together. While working on his film project, Ray noticed how tough it was to find the unsung backstage-heroes (eg: videographers, editors, crews, etc) of the film.


With all these in mind, he created a platform ‒ Premise TV.
It is not just an ordinary crowdfunding platform. The integration of gamification and OTT elements makes it unique.

Premise TV is a platform that is built solely for films. It engages audiences with interactive elements using Ballot, Bid and Poll functions. Poll is just one way to get audiences’ involvement. Recently, we released Beta 1.0 to involve more ways for filmmakers to interact with their audiences.

As the founder, Ray believes strongly that filmmakers should not be exploited for their work in the process of trying to gain exposure for the film. As such, the platform is built on a partnership-intention in working with the filmmakers ‒ unlike other available web platforms out there, the filmmakers own full rights to their films on Premise TV.


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Premise TV is an interactive online platform that streams edgy films to genre-driven audiences and allows filmmakers to raise funds and builds a fanbase from it.

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